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Denise Henson of Pure Cosmetics has been in the skin care business for over 25 years gaining experience by working one on one with Estee Lauder.  She moved her way up to training director and ran her skin care counter at Bloomingdales in NYC.  Her client list consisted of conservative looks for Barbara Walters to dramatic makeup for Cher and also unforgetable and outlandish Grace Jones to name a few along with a multitude of Broadway actors.  "Celebrities never motivated me, I always loved working on regular people who had more to gain from what I had to offer".  Being licensed and certified in Paramedical Makeup and camouflage artistry, Denise is an asset to the world of cosmetic plastic surgery. Taking the approach of an architect analyzing bone structure, thickness of skin, and facial features she relies on the Pure Cosmetics philosophy which is to understand the characteristics of the human face which helps to layer and sculpt the foundation of makeup. She applies flawless blending techniques and understands how to recommend a skin regimen that works for any lifestyle.  We look forward to analyzing and assisting you in the proper color palletes that make your skin and facial features pop.  Please contact Denise directly or make an appointment through Pure Cosmetics @ Frank Prine Salon.    

Frank Prine Salon is a family owned and operated business in Boca Raton, FL that houses and adopts the Philosophy of Pure Cosmetics.  The salon team will provide customized service sure to bring out a fresh youthful style helping you look and feel your best.  Offering services that include haircuts, color, blowouts, manicures & pedicures, the staff will certainly compliment any makeup or skin care service from Denise Henson of Pure Cosmetics. 

Environmentally and Eco-Friendly Products is a concept that is important to the Pure Cosmetics philospophy.  Cosmetic companies can put almost any ingredient to their products.  At Pure Cosmetics we seek out product lines that focus on using all natural, organic botanicals to heal and nourish your skin.  We love and promote product lines with regenerating and detoxifying benefits for your skin as well as your soul.  


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